A Prepaid funeral is the simplest, most caring and practical way to remove the financial and emotional worry and responsibility that unexpected funeral arrangements can bring.

What is a Pre-paid funeral plan?

Paying for your funeral in advance puts you in control of your affairs, and gives both yourself and those closest to you true peace of mind at what can be an emotional and difficult time.

An ‘Open Prepaid Funeral plan’ ( offers a range of fixed-price funeral options, each featuring particular arrangements and specifications at a guaranteed set price. Once an Open pre-paid funeral plan has been chosen and payment arrangements agreed with Special Send-Offs, you can rest assured that your funeral wishes will be fulfilled and that there will be no further payments in relation to funeral services.

For those you leave behind, planning your funeral is a caring and thoughtful legacy. Doing so relieves the stress and worry from those closest to you, at a time when making major decisions may not be easy.

“Special Send Offs organised a lovely humanist service for my Aunt, who passed suddenly. The team were fantastic, giving a caring and empathic send-off, in a lovely friendly environment. Every detail was covered, making it worry free for the family. Thanks to Mark and team.”

Natalie Grosvenor