What do you do if someone has died who wanted to donate organs for transplant? This will be easier if they were on the NHS Organ Donor Register, carried a donor card and had discussed the donation plans with their family. Relatives will still be asked to give their consent before donation. Most organ donations come from people who have died while on a ventilator in a hospital intensive care unit. For more information about organ donation and transplantation, contact:

NHS Organ Donor Register
NHS Blood and Transplant
Organ Donation and Transplantation Directorate
Fox Den Road
Stoke Gifford
BS34 8RR

Organ Donor Line: 0300 123 2323 (24 hours a day, every day)
Email: enquiries@nhsbt.nhs.uk
Website: www.organdonation.nhs.uk

Donation of the body for medical education or research

If you wish to leave your body for medical education or research, you must arrange to give consent before you die. You can get a consent form from your nearest medical school. You should keep a copy of the consent form with your will and tell your family, close friends and GP that you wish to donate your body. Go the Human Tissue Authority website to find out where is your local medical school.

If the body is accepted (and many bodies are not suitable), the medical school will arrange for eventual cremation or burial.