Several people have come in the premises and asked me if I am an independent funeral director. The answer is yes! I obviously need to state this clearly on the shop front and I am designing something that will go into the window to clearly state this and what services are offered.

Special Send Offs Independent Funeral Director Scarborough - reception area

Special Send-Offs is a family run operation and provides a full funeral service. As well as the spacious Reception area there is a lovely private family room and a Chapel of Rest. This allows families to have as much time as they need with their loved one before the Funeral Service. Many people do not want or need to view their loved one after they have died, for others however spending time with the deceased is a crucial part of the grieving process where they can say their last goodbyes without any interruption.

Using an Independent Funeral Director has several advantages compared to using the larger corporate Funeral Directors. Primarily the difference is cost.

An ‘independent’ will typically have:

  • considerably lower running costs,
  • far fewer employees,
  • a flatter management structure
  • and a less expensive fleet of vehicles.

This does not however mean you will get a lesser service at your time of need.

There are several regulatory organisations such as The National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) and the National Federation of Funeral Directors (NFFD) who are there to ensure that their members comply with Health, Safety and Environmental requirements as well as having a meaningful set of Quality Management procedures. These organisations will visit and audit funeral directors to ensure they are working within these requirements and will also check that they can demonstrate ‘best practice’.

If you have any questions about the services Special Send-Offs offers then please contact us or visit.