The cost of funerals is a sensitive subject. Why?..because relatives think it’s inappropriate to put a price on a loved one, particularly if they have just died and they are organising their funeral. Asking about costs can just seem wrong.

If there is one thing I am trying to promote it’s that you simply do not need to spend £3,000, £4,000 or more on a funeral in order to make it ‘dignified’ and ‘respectful’. It’s pure fiction, driven by a selling culture that continually tries to ‘add value’ and therefore drives up cost for those grieving, and profit for the funeral director (and their share holders in some cases).

If you want a lavish funeral event and money is not an issue then that’s absolutely fine, it really is. The majority of people however call the closest funeral director with a familiar name and don’t even consider the cost because they are in such emotional turmoil they can’t think straight. This is totally understandable and it’s not a criticism but it can be a mistake. A costly mistake.

I have an open shop front which symbolises an open and transparent approach to dealing with the slightly taboo subject of death. More importantly to families, this open approach also applies to my prices which are clearly printed with a list of what you get for the price. There are NO hidden extras and NO additional disbursements (which can be the biggest chunk of the cost!).

Please have a look at the funeral packages page and compare these costs to what you, your family and your friends have paid.

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