All Inclusive Funeral Packages

Funeral Package Plans with No Hidden Extra Costs

From 100% traditional to something totally different. The form the funeral takes is totally up to you. All our funeral plans are intended to provide a framework which can be changed as you wish…

In this way you can create an amazing event that is deeply meaningful.

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No Fuss Funeral from £1,295

Why Choose This Option?

There are only a few elements of a funeral which are essential. The No Fuss Funeral plan is a practical low cost option which covers only these elements.


Whilst suitable for those on a budget, this plan is also perfect for those who wish to break from tradition and remember their loved one in their own way. We will organise a simple unattended cremation, leaving families the opportunity to ‘do their own thing’. This is what David Bowie chose for himself and was followed by a Memorial afterwards. Is this something you would want? Several countries have Memorial services only. This opens up lots of possibilities for a Memorial service venue. Please call to discuss.


  • Collection of the deceased from the hospital, nursing home or your home.
  • Transport to our premises in Scarborough.
  • ​Doctors fees.
  • A basic coffin with name-plate*.
  • Crematorium fees.
  • ​Transportation of the deceased to the Crematorium in our private vehicle.
  • Our fees
  • Transportation of the deceased to the Crematorium in our private vehicle.

*larger coffin sizes may incur additional costs

Private Funeral from £1,795

Why Choose This Option?

Essentially you are choosing a traditional funeral, hosted either at our premises in Scarborough, or premises of your choice*. The main point here is that you don’t have to use the Crematorium! Choose where you want! Our culture does limit venues but there are several good alternatives. Please call to discuss.

* costs incurred of alternative venues may not be fully covered in this price. We can suggest several alternative venues to the Crematorium.

In addition to our No Fuss Funeral Service:

  • Use of our premises Day, Evening or Weekend for a private service with no time restriction. You can personalise in any way you want with flowers and pictures, etc. even arrange a Minister or Humanist if you wish. Numbers are limited to approx. 20 people.
  • A British made wooden veneer coffin.
  • ​Body preparation, dressing and viewing in our chapel of rest

Traditional Funeral I £2,295

Why Choose This Option?

Most people state they do not want their family spending a lot of money on their funeral!

This Send-Off is essentially a completely traditional funeral but without any of the costly extras that you don’t actually need. Having done many of these funerals the feedback is that there is actually more focus on the family and not the arrival of the formal cars. There is no right or wrong however; you should choose what you want or what your loved one requested.

In addition to our No Fuss Funeral Service:

  • Cremation with standard service time at the Crematorium.
  • A British made wooden veneer coffin.
  • ​Body preparation, dressing and viewing in our chapel of rest
  • A Celebrant / Religious minister.

Traditional Funeral II £2,695

Why Choose This Option?

This is the traditional funeral that many people want. Tradition is familiar and can make people feel comforted and at ease at this difficult time.

For many families a traditional looking funeral with black hearse and formal dress is absolutely the right choice.

These recognisable symbols of mourning provide great comfort and have long been a mark of respect.
If this is right for you, we can help you hold a truly meaningful and affordable traditional funeral.

In addition to our Traditional I Funeral Service:

  • A hearse.
  • A 7-seater limousine.

Traditional Funeral III £3,795

Why Choose This Option?

This is a premium traditional funeral that we are asked to do on a regular basis. You can add premium options to any of the funeral packages we offer but this has all the extras you would want.

Please call to discuss as the list of options below can be extended depending on what you want.

In addition to our Traditional II Funeral Service:

  • Extended Service Time at Crematorium / additional Church service
  • A premium design feature British made wooden veneer coffin
  • ​Visual tribute of your treasured photographs on the main screen in crematorium
  • Order of service booklet with pictures
  • Obituary in local press
  • Flowers
  • Book of condolence with unique cover of your favourite photographs
  • You can always add another limousine if you wish

The funeral plans described are based on cremation in Scarborough at Woodlands Crematorium but can be customised for burial / church service also. Prices advertised online are accurate. Bespoke Funeral Director fees start at £1150 and can increase with multiple venues and distances etc. Pre Funeral written Quotes will be honoured. All quotes are available for inspection by the Good Funeral Guide.

All our funeral plans are intended to provide a framework for you which can be changed as you wish.

Please note that the following items are not included and may incur additional charges:

  • Press notices and flowers (we can help suggest free alternatives).
  • Additional transportation costs e.g. out of the North Yorkshire area.
  • Out of hours call-out fee £100.
  • Additonal viewings may be charged if out of hours.
  • Ministers – our ministers are on a set fee @ £140. Others may incur an extra charge.

“Mark’s support and thoughtfulness was invaluable and we would wholeheartedly recommend him to take care of the arrangements for your loved one.”

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