A selection of quotes from people who say how they’d like their funeral to be..

“Don’t waste money on a funeral for me, keep it simple but dignified.”
“I just want to be rolled up in a carpet!”
“I want a totally traditional funeral with everyone dressed smartly”
“Just put me in a cardboard box and spend the money on the grandchildren.”
“I want my service done in my local pub with my ashes on the bar.”
“I don’t want flowers, please donate the money to the NSPCC instead.”
“I want to go to the crematorium in the back of my van.”
“I want someone to pedal my coffin to the crematorium”
“I request that my funeral is to be a celebration and that no one wears black”
“I want my coffin to be made of blackboard material so that everyone can write a message on it.”
“I want my service on a Sunday with my family all around me and a Vicar’s blessing.”

“We had a funeral for my mum June Gilfoyle in May 2017. The service was held on the premises of Special Send-Offs and it was just right for both the family and for the type of person my mum was. It was full of warmth, grace and dignity. No idea or suggestion was frowned upon by Mark and the team and they carried all the arrangements off beautifully. June’s funeral was truly individual and full of heart and soul. I cannot think you enough.”

Denise Gilfoyle