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We are an independent, family run, Funeral Director service based in Scarborough, passionate about ensuring a high quality, individualised funeral service combined with a guarantee that every family will be offered the lowest cost options first.

Funeral Package Plans

From 100% traditional to something totally different. The form the funeral takes is totally up to you. All our funeral plans are intended to provide a framework which can be changed as you wish… In this way you can create an amazing event that is deeply meaningful.

A Totally Independent Company

From beautiful, traditional funerals to bespoke personalised funerals, we provide everything you need and more.

Why Special Send Offs?

We don’t agree with the funeral industry cashing in on grieving families by charging high prices and offering limited options.

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We will never tell you what ‘should be done’ but will support you to understand and consider your choices.

We spend time with families to outline the options available to them and to fully understand their wishes. Many are surprised by the opportunities they have to create a service that is personal and unique, only then can you decide what is right for you and your loved one.

Please call or visit us at our premises on Newlands Park Drive in Scarborough where we can learn about your wishes and discuss how we can make them happen.

Helping and supporting families in the fairest way possible, at one of the most difficult times imaginable

Mark Hancock, Director

What the Victorians did for funerals?

The Victorians really did death in a big way. Enter the words “Victorians and…” into a search engine and Google will fill in the blank with “Death”. Such was the Victorians link to all things death it’s almost their biggest legacy of their era....

“I can highly recommend. At a time of sadness Mark helped us to have a unique and personal final goodbye. Offering practical help and guidance with the funeral planning…”

Angelina Coulson

Special Send-Offs

36 Newlands Park Dr, Scarborough YO12 6DJ UK Tel: 01723 26 73 46 (24 hours)