Every Funeral is treated as a bespoke service for you and your family.

SUMMARY PRICE LIST 2022 (From April 2022)


Every Funeral is treated as a bespoke service for you and your family. We don’t aim to be cheap by cutting corners but equally we won’t overcharge you or try and get you to buy things you neither want nor need.

We do however offer several ‘package’ type funerals and its good to show these because they are all inclusive prices (See Below). All Packages are based on Woodlands Crematorium, Scarborough unless stated otherwise but can be adapted.

The result is that we offer you the best service at a fair price, without compromise or restriction.

We also do Pre-paid funeral plans through ‘Open Pre-paid Funerals’ who are highly recommended by the ‘Good Funeral Guide’. Open Pre-paid Funerals is a Trust Fund regulated by the FPA so your Money is safe! More details on ‘prepaid Funerals page’

Our Fees for Bespoke Funerals

To keep this really simple we offer a Funeral Director Service fee of £1550. This includes a traditional black Mercedes Hearse or a modern ‘Private Hearse’. We only use British manufactured coffins and these start at £300 fully lined and fitted.

Package Funeral Examples

(Based on a Cremation at Woodlands Crematorium)

No Fuss  – Cremation


Why choose this option?

There are only a few elements of a funeral which are essential. The No Fuss Funeral plan is a practical low-cost option that covers these elements. This is the funeral that David Bowie opted for and was followed by a memorial at a later date. Whilst suitable for those on a budget, this plan is also perfect for those who wish to break from tradition and remember their loved one in their own way with a memorial afterwards. We will organise a simple unattended cremation, leaving families the opportunity to ‘do their own thing’.

What this offers you:

  • Collection of the person from Scarborough (+£100 out of hours call)
  • Transport to our premises in Scarborough.
  • Doctors’ fees.
  • Our fees.
  • Ashes can be collected.
  • A Pre-Paid plan for a non-attended is £1800.
  • A coffin with name-plate* larger coffin sizes may incur an additional £100
  • Crematorium fees

Simple Send Off


Why choose this option?

Many people state they do not want their family spending a lot of money on their funeral! The Simple Send-Off limits you to the earlier, less costly time at Woodlands Crematorium. Out of hours call out will incur £100 fee. We meet at the crematorium on the day of the funeral.

What this offers you:

  • Collection of the person from the hospital, nursing home or your home (in the Scarborough area)
  • Transport to our premises in Scarborough.
  • Doctors’ fees.
  • A British made Wooden Veneer Coffin.
  • Cremation service at Woodlands with early service time (9:00am) at the Crematorium (£830 at time of writing)
  • Service guidance and structure plus a qualified Celebrant

Traditional Funeral


Why choose this option?

This is the traditional send off that many people want. Tradition is familiar and can make people feel comforted and at ease at this difficult time. For many families a traditional looking funeral with black hearse and formal dress is absolutely the right choice. These recognisable symbols of mourning provide great comfort and have long been a mark of respect. If this is right for you, we can help you hold a truly meaningful and very affordable traditional funeral at the Crematorium.

What this offers you:

  • Collection of the person from the hospital, nursing home or your home.
  • Transport to our premises in Scarborough.
  • Doctors fees.
  • A British made Wooden Veneer Coffin.
  • Preparation of the person, dressing and viewing in our chapel of rest.
  • A Hearse
  • Cremation at Woodlands (£940 at time of writing)
  • A Celebrant or Vicar
  • The ability to personalise in any way you want (we provide a written quote)

Hackness Grange Funeral

A very sensibly priced funeral at an amazing and exclusive location 10 minutes outside of Scarborough. The venue boasts a Pavilion on a small lake, with stunning facilities for an extended Wake should you wish to have one. From £3,500 plus catering, which is optional, (£12.00 per person but this is not charged for everyone attending!.. its decided by you)


Additional items to factor in to your price:


  • Out of hours collection is £50 per person in Scarborough area (getting people out of bed at 3.00am in the morning deserves £50 we think!.. all the fee goes to the people who carry out the collection of your loved one). We may need 3 or more people depending on size and location.
  • Embalming (if requested) is £70-£120 (by a fully qualified technician)
  • Order of Service is £2 per copy per sheet.
  • Flowers: £100 is all you really need to spend, you can always do the flowers yourself. This really personalizes them and saves you money too.
  • Out of area costs: £0.50p per mile plus labour costs (We don’t profit from this, just cover the costs)
  • Obituary: these vary in cost but the online version is free.
  • Additional Limousines to our 2 cars are charged at cost price to us (Approx £200)




We insist on using UK made traditional or bespoke coffins. They are all made to order and are of the best quality. We source Eco-Pine Coffins for non-attended services. The coffins requested by the majority of families are veneered Oak or Elm. We have also sourced solid hardwood premium coffins for several families. We also source bespoke printed coffins, also designed and made in the UK. See the website for full details and information



(please note we offer a full range of coffins from the website above): Oak / Elm Veneers: £300

European Wicker = £550 (Willow Cromer from Ecoffins)

English Willow = £800

Picture Coffin = from £750

Oak Ashes Caskets = £55

Bespoke Picture caskets = from £150


Third Party costs


(Crematorium costs may rise in 2022 )

We have no control over these but charge them at cost price to us


Cremation at Woodlands, Scarborough = £500 to £940. Weekend = £1,185

Unattended Cremation (you choose the crematorium): £500 @ Woodlands, Scarborough / £350 at Charlton Park, Andover

Cremation at Octon = £995

Additional service time at Woodlands Crematorium = £POA

Visual Tribute for up to 25 photos is £70

Burials at Woodlands Cemetery 2020: Single = £1488 (resident), £1818 (non res) Double = £1,665, Non Res = £1995

Chapel of Rest prior at Woodlands Crematorium to a Funeral is £40

Drs Fees for Cremation: £164 (£82 + £82)


Pre-Paid Funerals


(see Pre-Paid Funerals for more details)

Our Pre-paid funerals are quoted based on our current prices plus an additional 10%. This is a frequently used formula and helps protects you against inflation. We also clearly state the contribution to the third party costs. The reason for this is that currently the local crematorium prices are rising by an average of 9% per year!!

The administration fee is £195 only.


You have a free cancellation option and you can pay over 10 years should you wish.


If, at the time of death, the plan is worth more than our current published prices the additional moneys will be returned to you, or given to your chosen charity, as requested.

It is a legal requirement to display this price list below (update pending 2022 price rises)