Ladies Prepare Ladies

Not something that may spring to mind when you are first thinking of organizing a funeral but it’s worth considering who is going to be moving and preparing your loved-one.


So when it comes to preparing ladies, the washing and dressing process is always led by a Lady. In the last year Haley has taken the lead with this. My wife Gemma helps when needed and we also now have Frankie. Vivienne has been there pretty much from the start is always on hand to help when needed.


Along with this ‘Ladies prepare Ladies’ approach we never second guess what the family may way want done to their loved one in the preparation process. I have experienced first hand where a family member was prepared by a local FD in their home town near London. They had applied make up, painted her nails and curled her hair. The family had not been asked if this was what was wanted. Whilst the quality of the preparation was high the lady had NEVER painter her nails, curled her hair or used the make-up that had been applied! They had got it so, so wrong simply because they hadn’t asked the family.


Some families instruct that they want nothing done.

Some want elaborate preparation. Some want a simple clean and then a shroud. The truth is there is no right or wrong, its what they want that counts.


The most important thing is that we listen, offer options and then do what we are told. The family knows best, not us.