In recent years I have lost family members and close friends. Possibly you have too. At their funerals did you think, as I did, that they didn’t truly reflect the life of the person whose had passed? That these funerals were pretty much all the same?

Special Send Offs is different..

We spend time with families to outline the options available to them and to fully understand their wishes. Many are surprised by the opportunities they have to create a service that is personal and unique.

I am passionate about offering a high quality service with an open pricing policy that allows people to make an informed decision about what they want and what it will cost.

Arranging a funeral can be challenging however my experienced staff and I will help and support you at every stage to ensure your loved one is given a fitting farewell.

“Helping and supporting families in the fairest way possible, at one of the most difficult times imaginable”

Mark Hancock, Director

“Thank you Mark for inspiring me to give Kain the amazing send off that he had.”

Gail Carter